journey 2027 - 2079

This Journey consists on sweeping the roads, cleaning the waters, paying debts and becoming aware of what has already happened in both our personal and collective history.

In this way we will arrive clean and full to the year 2027 of our era.

Everyone knows what it should be done.

Everyone knows what has been done.

Each one from its own spot,
Each one from its home.

If you haven't studied, it is time to study;

If you haven't worked, it is time to work;

If you have any disease, it is time to heal it;

If you have any debt, it is time to pay it.

and from time to time visit and take care of the animals, forests, seas, mountains, rivers, jungles... because they also listen, feel and see.

Thoughts that will make you meditate and prepare yourself for the Journey...

Take Care of the Environment.