The Calpuli is a large/vast house/space where educational, recreational and human development activities are carried out.

The word Calpuli comes from the Nahuatl term kalpolli, where the root kalli means house and polli means big, vast.

The Calpuli is the unit and elementary base of the artistic, scientific, commercial, industrial, military, political, religious and social organization of the Anahuac; because it has the function of satisfying the basic needs of the individual, the community and the environment.

The Characteristics of the Calpuli are:

Social Dimensions of the Calpulli:

For greater understanding and participation within society, it is good to visualize the social dimensions that surround our environment. No matter how small and individual we are, we will always be participating in something big and collective.

1. Individual; 2. Family; 3. Gender; 4. State; 5. City; 6. Nation; 7. Planet; 8. Star System; 9. Galaxy; 10. Universe...

Economy and Tequio.

Tequio is the organized and useful way of working. It refers both to the administration of the house and also to the work itself that keeps the house itself running.

Tekiyotl or tequio is the form of work that keeps the state or community in full development and balance with the aim of satisfying the needs of the individual, the collective, the environment and its elements.

pyramidal basement
social spiral