Anahuac is the Náhuatl name for what is now known as Meso-America, North America and/or Continent.

From its roots, Atl, water, and nahuac, surrounded by; Anahuac is what is surrounded or next to water.

In Anahuac, there is diversity of nations, cities, towns, communities and individuals where each one has its own form and tradition.

Each artistic, scientific, religious and social achievement contributes to the integral development of Anahuac.

Throughout history, humanity has built great civilizations, communities, cultures, empires and nations.

Among the organic civilizations of the Earth, are those of the Eurasian-African continent, which are those of China (2), Egypt (3), India (4) and Mesopotamia (5); while in the American continent are those of Anahuac (1) and Tahuantinsuyo (6).

Each civilization has created its own architecture, art, science, writing, social structure, language, religion according to the time and space in which it finds itself.

Anahuac is what is surrounded or next to the water. It is also a metaphor to refer to Planet Earth, the place where we all live. Water is a symbol of energy and consciousness as well as that which connects, flows and regenerates.

In the geographical - astronomical aspect, Anahuac is located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator.

In its cultural aspect, Anahuac is related to everything that celebrates this passage through the Earth with its values, cultures and traditions.

symbol from the magliabecchi codex.